Cyst por Damien Burden

Cyst por Damien Burden

Titulo del libro: Cyst

Autor: Damien Burden

Número de páginas: 153 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 5, 2015

ISBN: 1514699516

Editor: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

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Damien Burden con Cyst

A young skateboarder reflects on the complexities of his perception. Starting from his childhood, he meanders through distant memories, wondering what led him to become a skateboarder. He questions everything in the world around him, all the while he is both confused and thrilled by writing it all down. What begins as a memoir soon begins to share the experience of skateboarders as a whole. We are quickly introduced to the dreamscape that is the mind of the skateboarder, both tormented and in awe of the individual experience that allows the skateboarding culture to exist. Everytime we expect the ordinary, he meets us with resistance; and furthermore, outright rebellion, explaining in detail the depth of his disagreement. A level of skepticism toward the world we think we know he can only describe as a cyst.